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Arxiu 2015

Fratelli Galloni and Lenz Instruments presents at the Expo (Milano, 2015) innovative strategies to produce highest quality Parma hams with low-salt content

Fratelli Galloni, one of the leading Parma ham producing companies at Italy, has been continuously working in the improvement of the quality of their products, and the control of their salt content. In collaboration with Lenz Instruments, Fratelli Galloni is working in the optimization of their production process, to achieve highest quality Parma hams, with reduced and more standardized salt content.

Lenz Instruments participates in a technical workshop targeted to dry-cured ham producers at Parma (Italy)

On the past October 8th (2015), the Stazione Sperimentale Industria Conserve Alimentari (SSICA) organized a technical workshop at their facilities at Parma. The workshop was aimed at providing a comprehensive review on the use of new meat inspection technologies to improve the production process of dry-cured ham. The event was attended by tens of representatives of Parma ham and San Danielle ham producing companies.

TRIMSCAN consortium meet in Barcelona to prepare the Industrial Validation

October 2015, TRIMSCAN consortium meet at Lenz facilities in Barcelona. The aim of the meeting was to present the first industrial prototype and to organise the industrial validation.

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