M27 General meeting held in Casteldefells and successful Project Review


Demo at CETRISA (Gavà)

The SHREDDERSORT 27 month general and project review meeting was held on the 7th and 8th of April 2016 in Castelldefels (Barcelona), kindly hosted by project partner REGULATOR-CETRISA with all partners attending. The review meeting was held day on Day 2 in the presence of independent experts in Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS); and magnetic induction, and with the project officer, who all reviewed the progress to date.
As part of the meeting on Day 2, the project partners and the independent experts visited CERTISA’s facilities for a demonstration of the operational High Throughput LIBS (HT-LIBS) sorting line. In that system, cast aluminium (Al), wrought Al and non-Al metal fragments travel on a 1 m wide conveyor at a speed of 2 meters per second, with a target throughput of 1 tonne per hour. In LIBS, a short, high power laser pulse is focussed onto the each of the metal fragments as they pass by, which ablates a small mass from the surface of the fragment and generates a plasma plume with temperatures in excess of 100,000 °C. As the plasma cools, the characteristic emission lines of elements in the ablated material are measured using a high speed spectrometer, to distinguish between the different Al alloys prior to separation into 3 classes by air ejectors. 80% of the HT-LIBS sorting line functionality was demonstrated in situ, with remaining aspects integrated within 2 weeks following the meeting, and shown to the reviewers in the form of a video.
The remaining two sorting systems: i) EMTS+VIA, based on magnetic induction and machine vision sorting methods, and ii) High Performance (HP-LIBS), will be operational by September 2016, prior to the validation of all three systems in commercial shredder plants from Oct-Dec 2016.

Please refer to the following new article for further details about the status of the project: