LENZ Lenz Instruments S.L., Spain

lenzLENZ is specialized in the development and commercialization of electronic and optomechanical systems for industrial sensing and monitoring applications. LENZ was established in 2011 as a spin‐off company of Centre de Recerca I Innovació de Catalunya, a private applied research center with experience in different areas, including process engineering, industrial sensors and electronic instrumentation, and Information technologies.

LENZ offers customized services to industrial partners to develop monitoring systems based on optical and radiofrequency spectroscopic techniques, including NIRS. In addition, LENZ is currently commercializing different equipments for the meat processing industry to enable the in‐line and contactless determination of the fat content in meat parts and trimmings based on Magnetic Induction technology.

IST – Mechanical Engineering Department, INSTITUTO SUPERIOR TECNIC, Portugal

istInstituto Superior Técnico is the largest school of engineering in Portugal, with long tradition in teaching, and excellence in research, innovation and training activities.

The department of Materials Engineering at the IST has a large and important social mission of education, scientific research and community service in general and industry in particular. The Department of Materials Engineering seeks to achieve these objectives. In education and training, through undergraduate and master’s degree in Materials Engineering from graduate courses and supervision of doctoral theses. In carrying out scientific research in several areas.In various kinds of services it provides to the industry and the public sector.

CNR – Istituto di Chimica dei Composti Organometallici, CONSIGLIO NAZIONALE DELLE RICERCHE, Italia

cnrThe National Research Council (CNR) is a public organization. The Institute of chemistry of organometallic compounds is one of the 77 research center that form the CNR Network. In particular, the ICCOM‐CNR research unit of Pisa has been established in 2001. Currently, the ICCOM staff counts 28 research scientists, 6 technicians, 6 academic research associates, and more than 10 undergraduate and phD students and several postDoc fellows.

The research activities, carried out in the five ICCOM laboratories, cover the fields of Analytical Chemistry, Organic, Inorganic and OrganoMetallic Synthesis, Supramolecular and Macromolecular Chemistry, Atomic and Molecular Laser Spectroscopy, Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy, Modelling, Theoretical and Computational Chemistry.

CETRISA – Regulación de motores, S.A., Spain

CETRISAREGULATOR–CETRISA started in the 60’s by working in the electric motor market on those specialties where a great precision in the control of speed was required. The management of these motor inverters was at that time already being done through Eddy Currents. In the early ’90’s, REGULATOR–CETRISA started to develop equipment for the treatment and separation of metals using the same principle and its extensive knowledge of Eddy Currents and magnetism. Since the beginning, a firm commitment to the quality of its products, a continuous job in R&D&I, and the ultimate objective of satisfying the client’s needs have allowed REGULATOR–CETRISA to be considered one of the best specialists in equipment and installations for separating and recycling metals. REGULATOR–CETRISA is focused on being able to provide its clients with the best options for recovering waste. It therefore continuously incorporates new developments to its line of products, obtaining increasingly cleaner fractions of metals.

REGULATOR–CETRISA, thanks to a qualified team of professionals, offers its clients:

1) Equipment for Separating Metals
2) Complete systems to be integrated into its processes
3) Complete Turnkey Installations.

In the area of metal sorting, we offer a multitude of possibilities for the separation of iron and non–iron metals in all sectors and industries including: Metals crushing, WEEE, demolition, End of life vehicles, urban waste treatment plants, sorting plants, compost plants, glass, wood and plastic.

JR – Institute for Information and Communication Technologies/Machine Vision Applications, JOANNEUM RESEARCH FORSCHUNGSGESELLSCHAFT MBH, Austria

jrJOANNEUM RESEARCH is a non-profit organisation concentrating on applied research with a highly qualified staff of more than 400 people. Services include specifically geared research tasks for small- and medium-sized companies, complex interdisciplinary national and international assignments as well as tailored techno-economic consulting. They participate in setting up and organizing national competence centres as well as in numerous large international projects.

The DIGITAL Institute for Information and Communication Technologies (http://www.joanneum.at/digital) specialises in web and internet technologies, image, video and acoustic signal processing together with remote sensing, communication and navigation technologies. These technologies are implemented in hardware and software development and application-oriented solutions using scientifically state of the art methods. The institute has participated in more than 100 EC and ESA funded projects since the Third Framework Programme

LNEG – Laboratorio Nacional de Energia e Geologia I.P., Portugal

lnegLNEG, the National Laboratory of Energy and Geology, carries out research, testing and technological development activities mainly in the areas of Energy and Geology. Its mission is to promote science and technology innovation, aiming to raise companies competitiveness within a framework of sustainability. Within the scope of its competences, LNEG takes up the role of an interface between results generated by R&D programs and their technological transfer and integration into the productive sector.

LNEG´s participation in a broad range of international projects confers it the role of a key partner for internationalization, as well as of a source of specialized information over a number of R&D fields..

MARWAN – Marwan technology, Italy

marwanMARWAN TECHNOLOGY is an enterprise working in the field of laser sources and sensors for research and industry. It was born in 2002 as a spin-off from the National Institute for the Physics of Matter (INFM).

The staff is composed of physicists, engineers, optical and electronic technicians, with specific skills in the fields of optics, quantum electronics, precision mechanics, low noise electronics, use and treatment of special materials and non conventional machining techniques. The enterprise was born after a long period of collaboration between the group and the high-technology industry, for advising and prototyping of measurement instruments. The group has already developed collaborations with several international research institutions.

Marwan was the first producer of commercial integrated and transportable instrumentation for LIBS (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) analysis. Among our product lines we also mention:

• atomic fluorescence spectroscopy instruments
• pulsed Nd:YAG laser systems
• FBG sensors
• extended-cavity diode lasers
• ultra-low-noise diode laser drivers
• high voltage PZT drivers
• laser displacement sensors
• laser planarity measuring systems for tests on large planar surfaces, and for ways of turning and milling machines

We also supply with our know-how in:

• low-noise accelerometers
• high-performance seismic isolation systems
• electrochemical micromachining
• design and prototyping of custom laser sensors

MONOCROM – Monocrom S.L., Spain

monocromFounded in 1993. Its main activities comprise the development, production and commercialization of diode and solid state lasers. MONOCROM is essentially an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) focusing its major activity towards customized products and projects. Its strength relies on its high degree of flexibility and their ability for adapting their 603676‐2 ‐ SHREDDERSORT CP 16th‐September‐1353 Annex I, Part B (Description Of Work): Version 8 capabilities to the customer needs, which in turn offers a great opportunity for innovation on each project. In fact, almost a 30% of the company (29 employees) work team is highly qualified and exclusively dedicated to R+D activities.

MONOCROM is the only Spanish company producing lasers in its sector, being a World leader in manufacturing lasers for hair removal, with a market quote of almost 100 % at national level and with a growing presence at international level, which represents a 50% of its current turnover. Its strength relies on its high degree of flexibility and their ability for adapting their capabilities to the customer needs, which in turn offers a great opportunity for innovation on each project. In fact, almost a 30% of the company (32 employees) work team is highly qualified and exclusively dedicated to R+D activities. With international clients ranging from medicine to defense (like Thales or Coherent), MONOCROM has demonstrated its experience and capability for research, prototyping, development and production of devices especially designed for a specific client or application.

UoM – School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, THE UNIVERSITY OF MANCHESTER, United Kingdom

UoMThe School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, a member of the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences at The University of Manchester. We are the largest school of this discipline in the UK, and as such we are home to a full range of activities within the spectrum of electrical and electronic engineering.


diezCreated in 1974, DIEZ is dedicated to the waste management of several sources of scrap including End of Live Vehicles. The company has different facilities covering a total area of 16,000 m2 including workshop, offices, services, opened bay, warehouses for machinery. The company is in constant evolution, supporting always his knowledge in the management of scraps.

DIEZ is an authorized treatment centre for vehicles. Our facility meets all requirements of the law in order to give a proper environmental treatment to vehicles at the end of its useful life. Vehicles are subject to the decontamination (Removal of fluid‐extraction and other dangerous elements), removal of reusable components (catalysts, glass, tires, plastic components, etc) and fragmentation including the recycling of each component.
Our waste management services include the pick‐up of scrap containers and its transport for its recycling, valorisation and/or destruction. We have a number of trucks, all of them provided with cranes and containers of different sizes and models.


sauberSaubermacher is one of the leading waste management companies in Austria and its other key countries (Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia) dealing with various hazardous wastes in dedicated treatment plants. It is a reliable partner for both municipalities and industry (including collections systems), treating and disposing non hazardous and hazardous wastes such as residual waste, biodegradable waste, WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment), contaminated workshop wastes, liquid hazardous wastes such as emulsions, oil-water alloys and other industrial waste waters,batteries, etc.

Saubermacher is constantly executing R&D-projects to improve its service in the field of non hazardous and
hazardous wastes both in ecological and economic aspects.