The project workplan is structured into three phases. In a first stage, the proposed sorting technologies will be investigated at a laboratory scale. This phase will include tasks dealing with the chemical, electrical, and optical characterization of metal scrap from different industries; the modelling, design, development, and test of an Electromagnetic Tensor Spectroscopy prototype; and the development of a LIBS system for scrap sorting, which shall include customized laser sources.

iStock_000008371769SmallNext, the developed prototypes will be integrated into pilot sorting lines, with target sorting capacities in the range of 1 t/h. Finally, the last phase of the project will deal with the test of the pilot sorting lines, and the assessment of the performance of the sorting technologies under development. Validation tasks will be performed in close cooperation with end-user industrial partners participating in the project. Finally, the related environmental impact will also be analyzed from a Life Cycle Analysis perspective.