SHREDDERSORT M18 Meeting in Barcelona

The SHREDDERSORT 18 month general meeting was held on 22 and 23 of July 2015 at the Lenz Instruments, hosted by coordinator company Lenz Instruments. The consortium presented and discussed the progress made since the M12 meeting, and the actions for the next period. Project management and dissemination issues were also discussed.

The main highlights discussed have been:

  • Presentation of the new dual-pulse laser module developed by Monocrom, which provides higher pulse energy than the first laser prototype.
  • Description of the high-speed polychromator, and scanning optics, developed by Lenz Instruments.
  • Demo at LENZ: A demonstration of the high-speed LIBS polychromator is performed at Lenz’s optical laboratory. In the demonstration it is shown the ability of the system to discriminate between cast and wrought aluminum.
  • Management & Dissemination issues: already undertaken and pending dissemination actions are reviewed by the Coordinator in order to help the drafting of the Plan for the Use and Dissemination of the Foreground. Doubts about the financial reporting are solved and each partner’s Use of Resources reviewed.


The next general meeting has not been scheduled yet, as it shall be coordinated with the date for the review meeting. In the meanwhile, specific and reduced technical meeting will be held (both by conference call and at some partners’ premises).